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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is JavaScript? How use Javacript now a days.

JavaScript is the best popular Scripting language in internet. JavaScript designed for interactivity HTML pages. Script language is a kind of simple JavaScript generally embedded straight in HTML pages. It is interpreted language that it means without primary compilation. It can be executed. Without license any body can use it. It work main and main all browser. Such as: Mozilla fire fox, internet explore, chrome, opera, Safar and comet bird, Netscape etc programming language.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging is different method for earning online money.

Online has many money making method. One of them is blogging. It is permanent and strong. Blogging has a special relation with google adsense. As a blogger have to knowledge about google adsense.  There are need to clear knowledge that any one wants to earn money from blog or adsense. Let’s go to see that what is google adsense? It has a answer. Google adsense is an ad programme. However. There are many ways to earn money from online. Such as: Google adsense, Image advertising, with private ad and affiliate marketing etc.

Without writing, you can get a unique and high quality content for your blog.

We know few English. We want to income from blog. But we have not enough knowledge in English language. So, we suffer many about this matter. We spent our valuable time for content. Some time we visit many web sites to take information. We ever have been being written by other person. It is expensive. However, Today I give a wonder technique that you will wonder. You can get a unique and quality content without writing. So, let‘s we see How to get high quality content from a web. We know online has many blog sites.  Many site has pr 2-5. Its has high quality content. So, those site top in search engine. But its expire date is over. As a result, Contents are enlisting search engine.  We can use the expire site contents. Let go to see how to get the contents.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Web development with HTML.

web development with HTML

HTML is a hyper text mark up language. It importance is increasing day by day in the world. It helps us creating web or web pages. It has some nice tag. They are giving many facilities. In this digital world, no one can go ahead without proper knowledge to learn to HTML. Without learning html you can not get good web page.  You can make a web use  this tags. In fact, it not a programming language either it a Markup language.  HTML or these language uses for web or web pages. In this post you will get how to learn it?

Web development by MySQL.

Many ways to do web development. One of them  MySQL. Do you know? What is MySQL? This question has a answer. It is  a database program. Databases are stay safely MySQL object. These are called Table. Tables are about data entries collect and it has some column and lines. When the information's save to according category then the database will be very useful to a web. Such as: Suppose, A company has a database. That database tables some tables. There are: Name, Employees, Products, Customers and orders etc. Many people guess Mysql is only small and simple database system. In fact, It is nice and on the whole database. The real matter is that Mysql is a large valium. It supports much development system. A web site for it best useful.

How to make some list with HTML?


We know. HTML support generally orders and unordered definition lists. Dear learner, We are giving a tutorial about Html list. Here you get more interesting post about html list. Let we see how to create different list with html.

  • Unordered list:  unordered list means any item lists. List items showed by small and small circle. Unordered list stats <ul> and it finished by <li> tag. You can set up paragraph, line break, link, image, and others matter in list items.
  • Look below example: We have given an unordered list.

Web development with CSS.

CSS web design
CSS means Cascading  Style sheets. CSS works for HTML. It selects how to show the HTML  elements. Theses style save in style sheets. HTML 4.0 version had many problem. So it include CSS. Most of the web pages made CSS. It is seen that 99% web programmer design their web page with cascading style sheets. It is clear to us that CSS is now most famous. We see in web it use more. Now we will how to work CSS.

Dou you know? CSS has been solved a large problem. What is it? It is describing here. In fact, HTML tags have not make any document